ARIZONA & HENRY bred on 10/2/2019.  Litter due 12/4/2019.  Repeat breeding that produced black & silver and salt & pepper.  They would go home early February 2020.

MAGGIE & PISTOL PETE bred on 8/19/2019.  Litter due 10/21/2019.  This breeding has been done before and produced black and salt & pepper.  They would be going home closest to Christmas

Breeders of AKC Miniature Schnauzers

JUST JANE & HENRY bred on 8/25/2019.  Jane aborted her last litter so lets hope this one goes well.  It will produce Salt & Pepper and Black & Silver, possibly black.  They would be due on 10/27/2019 and go home the end of Dec or early January 2020.

KELSEY & XANDER bred on 10/7/2019.  First time for Xander.  Litter should be born around 12/10/2019.  Should be Salt & Peppers and they will go home mid February 2020.

BRISTOL & PISTOL PETE bred on 9/30/2019.  Litter due 12/2/2019.  This is repeat breeding that produced blacks and salt & peppers.  They would be going home early February 2020.

DE DE & ELI bred on 10/11/2019.  Litter due 12/13/2019.  Should be black & silver and salt & peppers. There would go home February 2020.

Please note that all these litters are not guaranteed as some are first timers and 2 are older girls.  The date you see as their due date is figured from the first day they bred.  They could bred for a week or more so they may not always deliver on this date.

Upcoming Litters 

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EXCITING NEWS!!! SABLE & ZORRO bred for their 1st time on 8/26/2019.  We will hope that the mating continues and Henry can retire.  Should be black & silvers and blacks in this litter. Litter due 10/28/2019 with pups going home in January 2020 

Breeders of AKC Miniature Schnauzers