GLORY & HENRYbred on5/3/219.  Litter due 5/31/219.  Pups would go home early August 2019.  This is Glory's last breeding.  Expect black & silvers She has a forever home.

SKYE & ELIbred on 4/2/2019.  Litter due 6/4/2019. Skye is a first time mom.   I would expect black and hopefully salt & pepper from this breeding.  Possible blue eyes--Inquire__They would go home early August 2019

Please note that all these litters are not guaranteed as some are first timers and 2 are older girls.  The date you see as their due date is figured from the first day they bred.  They could bred for a week or more so they may not always deliver on this date.

JASMINE & HENRY bred on 4/4/2019.  Litter due 6/6/2019.  Should be Salt & Pepper and Black & Silver pups.  Jasmine is a first time mom.  They would go home early August 2019.

**see the dogs on the OUR DOGS page of the site.

DAZZLE & MAGNUM bred on 3/27/2019.  Litter due 5/29/2019.  Colors?  They would go home the end of July 2019.

BRISTOL & PETE bred on 4/3/2019.  Litter due 6/5/2019.  Expect the black to be dominant. They would go home early August 2019.

JUST JANE & HENRY ( or Pete depending on delivery date) bred on 3/17/2019 thru 3/29/2019.  Litter due 5/19/2019 or later.  Should be Black & Silvers and Salt & Peppers.  They would go home the late mid July 2019.

KELSEY & ELI bred on 3/21/2019.  Litter due 5/23/2019.  This will be Kelsey's first  litter.  Should be lots of Salt & Peppers.  They would go home towards the end of July 2019

Upcoming Litters 

ARIZONA & ELI bred on 4/9/2019.  Should be all salt & peppers.  Litter due around 6/112019.  They would go home towards the middles of August 2019.

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TALLULAH & HENRY bred on 4/13/2019.  Litter due 6/16/2019.  Hopefully Salt & Pepper and Black & Silvers.  They would go home mid to later August 2019.

PENNY & PISTOL PETE WERE ARTIFICIALLY INSEMINATED AND IF ALL GOES AS EXPECTED we will have a litter about May 17th.  I will not be able to determine pregnancy till 5 weeks from the breeding date.