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Upcoming Litters


ZEENA & SAWYER bred on 2/12/2024. Litter due 4/15/2024. Trying for Salt & Pepper pups. We shall see. They would go home mid June 2024.

PHILOMENA & BLUE bred on 2/24/2024. Litter due 4/27/2024. Sparky still has not figured his job out. Hoping for some Salt & Peppers in here. They would go home end of June into early July 2024 depending on delivery date.

ELSA & SAWYER bred on 2/26/2024. Litter due 4/29/2024. This is a repeat breeding that produced liver and liver & tan puppies. They would go home early July 2024.

TINSEL & APOLLO bred on 3/17/2024. Litter due 5/17/2024. This is a repeat breeding that produced Salt & Pepper, Black & Silver and also White. They will go home mid July 2024.

ZURI & SAWYER bred on 3/23/2024. Litter due 5/25/2024. Could see some liver colors here as well as Black & Silver and Salt & Pepper. They will go home late July 2024.

DYTTO & JET bred on 4/3/3034. Litter due 6/6/2024. I would expect Black and possible Black & Silver. They would go home early August 2024.

Due dates listed here are by the first breeding date. The dogs could have breed for several days, so they are not always the actual due date.