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ZOLA is for sale

ZOLA is for Sale.  She has been bred twice but no puppies either time. She has a great personality and it is time to find her a pet home.  She has not been raised around children so I will not place her with small children.  She is NOT housebroken, but does well in a crate.  Not hard to finish her training as they are a smart breed.  She was born 9/14/2020, so she is 2 years old.  She is not spayed and it will have to wait a couple more months. She has been eye tested at Animal Eye Car of New England and has been DNA tested also.   She likes to bark to me from the kitchen window and appreciates attention.  She is about 16 pounds.  Her parents are Ashley & Zorro and are part of the breeding crew.   Some dogs are just not cut out to be breeding dogs.  She is $1000.  SERIOUS inquiries only please.