CRICKET will be retiring after this upcoming litter.  Should be available to go home in November 2018.  She is 5 years old and in good health.  She is attentive and loves attention.  I will not place an adult dog in a home with small children as they are not around them enough.  She is crate trained, has not seen a cat and probably will need to learn to leash walk and do full flights of stairs.  She will cost $275.00 which will cover her spay.  

CARLIE is retiring and will be available in November 2018 after she is finished with her last litter.  She is in fine health at 5 years old, born 6/29/2013.  Crate trained, nice personality, will not rehome to a house with small children.  She has not seen cats, will need to learn to walk on a leash and go up and down a full staircase.  Her price is $275.00 to cover her spay.  

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For Sale or Retirement 

JURNEE will be for sale after she finishes with her first litter.  She is due late August so she would be available in October 2018.  She was born 8/22/2017 so she is a yearling.  She is just too large for my breeding program.  She is in the 18-20 pound range.  She has very coarse hair.  She would make a good pet.  Again no small children. Her price is reduced to $800.00 firm and you will need to have her spayed.

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